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When you’re cooking on the campsite it’s nice to use local produce.

Visit Bessy Beck Trout Farm (only a mile from Low Greenside) and catch your own trout!

Borrow one of our cooking grills to grill over your campfire.

Grilled trout with easy summer salad

Ingredients (for 5)                                                                   
For the fish                                                                 
5 fresh trout
Salt and white pepper
1-2 lemons
2-3 tablespoons of sunflower oil

For the salad
2 handfuls of rocket
3 handfuls of mixed salad
2 oranges
1 grapefruit
Handful of black olives
5-6 tablespoons rapeseed oil
1 small tablespoon of Dijon mustard
2-3 tablespoons of wine vinegar
1 teaspoon of honey
A pinch of chilli (optional)
Salt and pepper


Make three diagonal slits on both sides of fish not more than 0.5 cm deep. Then season trout with salt and pepper, sprinkle with lemon, and brush lightly with oil. Heat grill (or campfire!) to medium heat and grill fish for 10-15 minutes, turning occasionally. The meat should come off the bone nicely, but should not be dry.

Peel orange and grapefruit rinds and cut the flesh into segments. Place them in a bowl and add olives, rocket and lettuce. Using the remaining ingredients, mix the dressing and taste. Toss and season as needed.

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