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Covid-19 precautions

In making arragements for Covid,  our aim is always to make sure everything is in place for you to feel safe, happy, and relaxed during your stay.  To see if the proof is in the pudding, do check out our customer reviews on on Facebook, Google, &

Update for July 19th 2021. For the comfort and safety of all our guests, many of whom have chosen camping as the safest option for being on holiday and some of whom may be vulnerable, we are carrying on with the previous version of 'normal' and everything below still applies.

We ask you to maintain 2 metres social distance please during your stay so that everyone can feel safe, comfortable, and protected - you, our family and all our guests.

The camping field is very spacious.  There is masses of room to walk around and to play safely away from others. The centre of the field is a big area of grass with no tents. Pitches are at least 10m across - most quite a bit bigger - so social distancing is easy and natural.

Children under 15 must at all times be accompanied to the campsite facilities please.

Alcohol gel hand sanitisers are provided on arrival, on the car park, before entering the facilities, and at the recycling bins. Please also bring your own for when you are out and about.

Reception arrangements are outdoor, under cover at the front of our house.

  • There is a QR code for you to scan on arrival, which we encourage you to do.



Each of our toilets:-

  • is in a separate room with solid walls, constantly ventilated, and accessed directly from the outdoors

  • each room has a toilet and a wash basin

  • automatic lighting (no switches to touch)

  • flush free toilet (no flusher to touch)

  • hygienic paper towel and toilet roll dispensers

  • liquid hand soap

  • is frequently cleaned and sanitised and deep cleaned at least once a day

  • has cleaning spray for your use

  • If you have to wait (this is rare) you will be able to queue safely outdoors


  • One person at a time please gents.

  • Facilities as above


Please do NOT bring your own toilet. We have nowhere for you to empty it.

No portable showers or toilets are permitted. Thank you.


A one way system is in operation between the entrance and the individual shower rooms. This is the only shared area on site. On your way to the shower room you will need to wear a mask and remember to social distance at 2 metres. The seating area remains closed.

Each shower room:-

  • is in an individual room with solid walls and separately ventilated

  • comprises a shower, hand basin and seating

  • is is frequently cleaned and sanitised throughout the day and deep cleaned at least once a day

  • has cleaning spray for your use


The main washing up area is available to one 'bubble' at a time so you'll need to work around this at busy times or be prepared to wait. A second washing up area is available in the caravan where you will need to wear a mask please. Children won't be allowed to wash up unaccompanied (sorry mums and dads!). Washing up areas are deep cleaned daily and frequently sanitised during the day.

We normally have a comprehensive display of visitor information. We can't do that just now so we've added more detailed local information, walks, and other useful links to our  Things to Do web page. Our little booklet 'Nine Great Walks from Low Greenside' (£3) is still on sale at the campsite.

Hairdryers can't be used while Covid is with us but you'll still be able to  to charge phones etc. free of charge.

We have a freezer for your ice blocks in the caravan.  Please wear a mask and observe distancing rules. Our fridges aren't in use during the pandemic.


Looking after yourself and others

Please don't come if you have any Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms in the previous 14 days. Let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel.

If you should get Covid-19 symptoms while here or within 14 days of leaving please let us know at once.

Wash your hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds and keep to 2m distancing.

Bring a hand sanitiser for while you are out and about.

Bring a mask - you will need this on your way to the shower and when washing up.

Bring your own first aid kit including paracetamol and a thermometer.

We don't have a card machine so you will need cash for logs (£7), grills (£5 deposit) and walking leaflets (£3).


Everything else is normal! Just as relaxing as ever.

Feedback on our Covid precautions has been excellent but if you see anything that concerns you please tell us, preferably straight away and before you leave so that we can fully understand your concern.

We ask you kindly to avoid putting your suggestions into an online review. Without doubt the way we are working to ensure everyone's comfort and safety will continue to be tweaked and it would be unhelpful to have potentially outdated information posted online. Many thanks for your consideration.

We look forward to seeing you having a relaxed and happy time!